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All your data and software implementation needs, in one place.

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Planning a software implementation, generating reports, and process documentation are not easy. At ConsulITex, we simplify the process and yield effective results while considering your budget.
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Whether you need a new database, software, or help with an existing application, we’re here to help. With expertise developing pivotal reports, process documentation, and more. ConsulItex makes it easy to know exactly how your business is performing.

With our straightforward documentation process and training, your success and employee-generated reports will never be a mystery.  Do you have a process or software implementation in mind, and you need help? Click below to talk it over and see if my expertise is a fit.

Get all your data and software needs in one place with ConsulITex

Look at the services we offer and learn how we can simplify the process that yields effective results while considering your budget.

What We Do

Software Consulting

Goal Oriented Software Consulting

Not ALL software is created equal. Ensure effective planning, execution, and management of software implementation. Make smart choices for your business and efficiently work with an expert to maximize your ROI.
pivotal reporting

Pivotal Reporting & Analytics

Analytics and reporting are not for everyone. ConsulITex’s simple reporting and analytical services make creating and automating reports ridiculously easy. You’ll get a pulse on your business at a glance and how efficient you are without the headache of creating the spreadsheets yourself.
process and planning

Comprehensive Process & Planning

ConsulITex’ role is to present a clear picture of the procedures, streamline processes, and re-engineer areas of opportunity for efficiency and proactive planning to avoid future problems.
Reporting + Automation Data + Software
Creation, Management + Delivery of User-Friendly Reports Software Consulting
Creation + Modification of Custom Code Data Consulting
Creation + Management of SQL Procedures + Queries Software Implementation
Development + Automation of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports

Data Mining + Integration

– from multiple sources

Process Documentation + Training Technology Expertise
Development of Documentation Database – SQL server
Process + Automation Training Reports – SSRS
Process Restructuring

Software Platforms



Every aspect of your data process comes to life and taken care of.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

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What People Are Saying

“Recently she completed a short-term contract with my client and within 8 hours, using existing software and hardware, Katie designed and executed a barcoding system that eliminated a clipboard and spreadsheet regimen. She brought my client into the 21st century!”

Johnson and Anderson

Johnson and Anderson

“She asked appropriate questions from every department to gain the scope of each project and is comfortable working with everyone from the CEO to the employees using the program. Katie is very detail orientated. Her projects are done on time and budget, delivering an end product that was user friendly and robust enough to meet the needs of the company.”

Justin Nissen

Hutchinson Manufacturing

“Katie has exceptional analytical skills coupled with a very approachable and easy-going style of engagement.  Katie is almost always the smartest person in the room; she is enormously clever, bright,and delivers solutions with ease.  And Katie is not afraid to let others take credit for her ingenuity.”

Joe Coombs

Precision Staff

“I had the opportunity to work with Katie in the capacity of Workforce Management. Katie was an excellent student, sharp, perceptive, strategic, and was able to cross communicate across levels of leadership which, was impressive for someone new to our industry and the position..”

Cory Gallagher

Customer Elation

“Katie was amazing to work with. She provided amazing updates throughout the project and wrapped up ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with her again on upcoming projects!” 

Ryan G.

Castle Tire Recycling

“Katie delivered good work and I enjoyed working with her. Her communication was top-notch, she met all deadlines, and her skills were reasonably strong. Great collaboration!”


Siamak A

Toran J Limited


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