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The ConsulITex Story

ConsulITex founder and Principal Consultant Katie was tirelessly looking for solutions to become a liaison officer and to create prosperous relationships with clients who need a leader in process refinement and data analytics. One day in 2020, she refined a process that brought results. Then and there, ConsulITex was born. Bringing you expertise and dexterity when you need it.

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Shaping the Data Process for Small Businesses

If you are tirelessly looking for solutions to make your reporting process come to life, ConsulITex is designed for you. If you are a floor manager, a human resource professional, an engineer, a CEO – if you create reports for your team by applying time and expertise to continuous improvement- ConsulITex is built especially for you. We know it can be difficult and expensive to create process reports let alone automate them to help save you time because we know you want to improve efficiencies in your reporting process and serve your team- no to manually run reports. 

Every aspect of your data process comes to life and gets taken care of.

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What We Do

Software Consulting

Goal Oriented Software Consulting

Not ALL software is created equal. Ensure effective planning, execution, and management of software implementation. Make smart choices for your business and efficiently work with an expert to maximize your ROI.
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Pivotal Reporting & Analytics

Analytics and reporting are not for everyone. ConsulITex’s simple reporting and analytical services make creating and automating reports ridiculously easy. You’ll get a pulse on your business at a glance and how efficient you are without the headache of creating the spreadsheets yourself.
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Comprehensive Process & Planning

ConsulITex’ role is to present a clear picture of the procedures, streamline processes, and re-engineer areas of opportunity for efficiency and proactive planning to avoid future problems.

Get all your data and software needs in one place with ConsulITex

Look at the services we offer, and learn how we simplify the process that yields effective results while considering your budget.


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